Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sims 3 Pets - Pampered Pedigrees Kennel

1004 Pamona Promenade (flipped) becomes "Pampered Pedigree Kennel"
The lovely backyard view of the kennel, play area and pond
The very first thing I wanted to do after playing the town of Appaloosa Plains in the new Sims 3 Pets expansion was build a dog breeding kennel since there's currently nowhere for dog lovers to trade/sell/adopt dogs. My version has only a neighborhood cat adoption for some reason.

And so I created "Pamona Pampered Pedigrees" a dog grooming shop and breeding/boarding kennel.

The above picture shows the front of the property after I added a second floor which has a large master bedroom, a second bathroom and a 'family room' with nursery needs and study.

Close up of the kennel runs. Two are for 'breeding pairs' with doghouses

Arial view of the inside of kennel - roof off.
The grooming shop - complete with fancy "Pet Hygienator!"
The kennel is a very nice second building adjacent to the house but not connected.

It has both indoor and outdoor access for the dogs. Up to 6-8 dogs can live in the kennels. Two of the kennels are double wide and for 'breeding pairs'.

 I decided to take the currently unfurnished 1 bedroom house located at 1004 Pamona Promenade (just down the road from the fancy horse park and racing stadium) and 'flip' it into a larger family house with a separate kennel and grooming shop for dogs. The small house sits on a rather roomy lot (50x50) and is perfect for adding onto.

 The grooming shop is as you enter on the left, and the boarding / breeding kennel is through another set of double doors and spans to the right with four separate dog runs. Each kennel has an outdoor dog run lots of toys and bedding.

Inside view of one of the dog runs - lots of room!

This lot would be perfect for the Sim who wants to breed pedigree dogs or run an adoption shelter for the neighborhood. It's currently a residential lot but could probably be flipped to commercial with some minor adjustments to the house.

If you would like to download and play my dog kennel, you can download it from the Sims 3 Exchange here:

(Uploads to the Exchange are not updating. Tried twice, says upload successful but no link from my studio... check here to see if it uploads eventually...whenever their servers get around to it) :

Also, be sure you download the totally free (and fun) IAMS Pet Starter pack so you can get the cool doghouse, dish, toy, dogfood bag and bed that I have put in my kennels. You can get it from the Sims 3 Store here:

In order to play this lot where it was originally built, go into 'Edit Town' mode on your version of Appaloosa Plains, the town that comes with the Pets Expansion pack. Locate 1004 Pomona Promenade, a 50x50 lot just up the road from the Equestrian Competition grounds and horse park. "Bulldoze" the lot and place my version onto the same lot.

The original lot has an unfurnished, small 1 bedroom house with a pond out back. I simply 'flipped' the house, decorated it, and added the kennels. It now has 2 stories, a lovely flower covered back patio...fully furnished master bedroom, family room with study and nursery area upstairs, kids bunk room and 'puppy pen' downstairs plus laundry and two bathrooms. I stocked the pond too. The lot is still infested with a lot of insects but I left those for things to 'hunt' and added a rodent spawn.


  1. Envie, that is strange. Have you updated your game? And if it still wont upload to the exchange, you could put a link here for a download by doing this: go to My Documents-->Electronic Arts-->The Sims 3-->Exports and just take the sims3pack and put it on like mediafire or box or something. Might be easier.

  2. I love this! I checked your exchange but it's still not there. Is there any way I can get this?